Learning About Innovation in Education, 7/180

Learning About Innovation in EducationIn the LEARN phase of creativity, we want to find and connect with other experts. Recently TED-Ed published its first list of TED-Ed Innovative Educators.

Each innovator was asked, “What does innovation in education look like?’ Check out some of the inspiring answers here and on the TED-Ed blog.

Vicky Albritton – “Innovation in education must include the student voice. Innovation means that risk-taking is OK and that failure isn’t the end. Innovation is often messy — scary and beautiful and nerve-wracking and exhilarating, all at the same time.”

Jennifer Hesseltine – “Innovation is a mindset. In education it involves being knowledgeable about the latest research regarding how students learn, and changing instruction accordingly. It is being open to new ideas, and seeking out opportunities to make things even better than they already are. Innovation in education involves a focus on our best intentions — student learning. Innovation in education involves constant collaboration with colleagues, a total last minute redo of a teacher’s lesson plan because there was something else out there that he or she just had to try, and a change in the direction of a class because the students are driving the instruction. Innovation in education is rigorous, and it requires reflection. Innovation in education is ongoing, and will never end.”

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