Is asking questions an art? 15/180

W150324_POHLMANN_FOURTYPES-1This year we are asking a lot of questions in order to develop a vision for teaching in learning in our classrooms in 2020.  I found an article that helps us understand different types of questions.  These questions take into account the view of the problem (wide or narrow) as well as the intent of the question (affirm what we know or discover something new).  

The authors (Tom Pohlmann and Neethi Mary Thomas) highlight 4 types of questions.

  • “Clarifying questions help us better understand what has been said. In many conversations, people speak past one another.”
  • “Adjoining questions are used to explore related aspects of the problem that are ignored in the conversation.”
  • “Funneling questions are used to dive deeper.”
  • “Elevating questions raise broader issues and highlight the bigger picture.”

This is an interesting resource as we continue on this journey to innovate Salisbury!


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