What trends will influence the future of learning? 18/180

Future_road_signThe Center for Digital Leadership recently shared a white paper that proposes several trends to impact the future of education. Which do you think we should consider in Salisbury?

  • Use of personalized learning strategies: Exemplars should demonstrate evidence of tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments to the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, and cultural backgrounds of individual students.
  • Use of project- and work-based learning opportunities: Whether facilitated through strategic partnerships or cross-disciplinary collaboration, exemplars should demonstrate the use of hands-on teaching methods and/or extracurricular experiences that provide opportunities for students to apply their learning to complex questions, problems or challenges.
  • Use of data-informed instruction: Exemplars should demonstrate how formative assessments and data analytics are used to inform day-to-day instruction and early warning indicator systems.
  • Evidence of deeper learning outcomes: Exemplars should demonstrate adoption of deeper learning outcomes that emphasize an academic mindset whereby students have opportunities to master core academic content, think critically, solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively and direct their own learning.
  • Evidence of strategic technology integration: Exemplars should demonstrate how the strategic and effective use of technology and digital media supports and enhances the teaching and learning process.
  • Evidence of innovative uses of time: Exemplars should include an explanation of how competency-based learning, flexible scheduling or other non-traditional uses of time are supporting personalized learning.

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