Authentic conversation, inquiry, and technology, 25/180

Contributed by Zac Brem, Principal of Harry S. Truman Elementary School

Authentic conversation, inquiry, and technologyRecently while walking on a crowded street with my family we saw a street performer playing what I believed to be a  violin.  I pointed to the musician and told my son to look at the violin.  My father posed the question “Is that a violin or is it a fiddle?”  Even though up to that point our conversation was focused on a completely separate topic, our authentic conversation led to inquiry.  I quickly fumbled for my Iphone to search the differences between the two instruments.

While I was typing violin and fiddle into the search engine I began to think about the following questions.

  • How do we promote authentic conversation among students?
  • What strategies can we use to guide our students to inquire about their
  • conversations?
    How can we effectively use technology to support our conversation and inquiry?

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