Internet TV, a Global Voice for Schools, 28/180

Contributed by Christopher Smith, Coordinator of TechnologyInternet TV, a Global Voice for Schools

Lately I’ve been looking at the possibility for Salisbury Township School District to have a TV station of its own in order to (1) be a voice for its schools, and (2) provide a conduit through which students can connect with and become active members of the local community.

So what is their community? Yes, you can have your own channel on your local cable company and you will be able to reach your local community, but what about the rest of the world? Your grandparents in Florida? Cousin in France? Anyone else in the world that you could inspire or help by what you say or do? That is where Internet TV really shines because there is no limit to what is or can be part of your community.

Currently I’m searching for schools that have already started broadcasting over the Internet, and I came across Germantown High School in Germantown, TN. They broadcast not only on a local cable TV station, but also online at From interviewing Vice President Cheney, to partnering with their local hospital to produce a healthy living program, I am truly impressed with what they have put together.

After viewing their impressive work I have been asking myself, “Why can’t we do this?” “Why not Salisbury?”


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