What roles will wearables “play” in our classrooms? 42/180

Contributed by Mark Allinson, Middle School P.E. Teacher What roles will wearables “play” in our classrooms?

The Fitbit Made Me Do It

Interesting read from a teacher who was given a Fitbit as a gift and how she analogized various axioms for classroom understanding.

Here is a simple, five-step process to incorporate Fitbits into your classroom:

  1. Define what problem you want to solve. (e.g. I need more steps per day.)
  2. Gather baseline data related to your goal. (e.g. number of steps per day, across an entire week)
  3. Based on the baseline data, create a reasonable goal. (e.g. In one month, my average steps per day will increase by at least 25%.)
  4. Track and record your data, through the use of tables, graphs, etc.
  5. Present and reflect.

What role will wearables have in our classrooms?


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