What Can Robots Teach? 45/180

Contributed by Jen Brinson,
High School Social Studies and Gifted TeacherWhat Can Robots Teach?

Salisbury High School gifted students have enjoyed the opportunity to learn using robots this year.  Through grant funding/crowdsourcing we were able to purchase three Spheros and three Ollies to use in class. Students have oriented themselves with the robots through play, designing obstacle courses, and building chariots for the robots out of a variety a resources such as Legos, Kinex, paper, cardboard, plastic cups, and ping pong balls.  What Can Robots Teach? 2

What do we do next?  Coding?  Learning Challenges? Integrating math and physics?  Most of these areas are those in which I, as the teacher, have very limited knowledge, but the fun, innovation, and creativity are all areas I can learn and explore with my students.  Learning in this capacity happens collaboratively.  

Experimenting with Ollie – How many students can we jump with the Ollie?  How fast must the
Ollie be traveling?  How big must What Can Robots Teach? 3the ramp be?

For more information:

Sphero in Education
Tips for Teaching with Sphero
MakerSpaces – Edutopia


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