Have our schools stayed frozen in time? 55/180

Have our schools stayed frozen in time?“In the last 100 years, as careers have moved from the industrial to the idea-driven; as global economies have risen and fallen; as women have strengthened the workforce; as the US has welcomed nearly 250 million new people; as we’ve gone from a Model-T to a Tesla and a switchboard to a smartphone… high school has stayed frozen in time. We want our students to think critically, but we make them memorize. We want intellectual curiosity, but we pad the schedule with easy courses. We want innovation, but we teach to a packet. We want self-reliance, but we force them to sit prisoner in the name of learning.”

While these are generalizations, approaching the statements with a growth mindset can allow us to look at our own district and schools and identify what is working and what could be better.

What ideas or questions about education in Salisbury does this video prompt?


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