Are we making the best use of our instructional time? 77/180

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.28.02 PMSchools are rethinking how they are using instructional time.   Are we using our instructional time effectively?  What is working? What might we want to develop?

The Leading with a Vision report was released September 23, 2014.  It suggests that “different uses of time should begin with a strong vision on behalf of schools and districts to provide new and innovative models of education to increase student engagement and improve college and career readiness.” You may view the report here.

Looking at this infographic about Leading with a Vision:

  • We do offer block scheduling at our high school.
  • We do provide access to technology for secondary students so they may increase out-of-school learning.
  • We do offer dual enrollment through Project Acceleration and Seton Hall.

What other ideas do we want to pursue?




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