How do our systems’ structures inhibit Competency-Based Learning or Personalized Learning? 93/180

merit-badges-v2Do you remember earning badges for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts? To earn a badge, you had to demonstrate a competency. It didn’t matter how long it took you to demonstrate success. Once you were able to demonstrate the skill or competency, you earned the badge.

“Transitioning away from seat time, in favor of a structure that creates flexibility, allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning. Competency-based strategies provide flexibility in the way that credit can be earned or awarded, and provide students with personalized learning opportunities.” (US Department of Education)

We can learn about other schools’ and districts’ competency-based education efforts  here.

What elements of CBL would we like to see in Salisbury?


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